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Mariah Carey Icon Challenge

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Welcome to mc_i_challenge! An icon challenge community devoted to the one and only Mariah Carey. This community is members only so you'll need to join to participate.

Challenge Schedule

Challenges will begin on Sunday night and end Friday evening. Voting will take place over the weekend. Awards will be given out on Suday, along with a new challenge.


01. Do not share your submitted icons elsewhere until the challenges has ended.
02. All work must be your own and made new for the specific challenge.
03. Respect Mariah, the other members, and their artwork.
04. Do not take an icon without the maker's permission.


01. The number of icons allowed to be entered will be challenge specific.
02. All submitted icons must fit LJ statards; not exceeding 100X100 pixels and 40kb.
03. Blending, animation, and other effects are welcome, unless specified otherwise.
04. Use only the provided pictures, exceptions are possible with pre-approval.
05. When submitting your icon(s), please include both the image and a link.
+ Please submit your icon(s) to the designated entry. All comments will be screened.


01. Vote for your 3 favorite icons, unless specfied otherwise.
02. Do not vote for your own icons.
+ Please vote in the designated entry. Once the results have been posting do not continue voting in the poll.

Link to mc_i_challenge:

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